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Hetalia (One-shots) Draw a Circle: Romania

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Hetalia (One-shots) Draw a Circle: Romania 

Raven Wings: Romania 

(This is for ÁineMaoldúin(Ireland). I hope she likes it! )

Fallen Angels, Vampires and any other supernatural beings all caught your attention. They were mysterious, and you had never seen one, of course. Most people your age didn't believe in such things, but you, being yourself, did. And what were you doing now? You were sitting on your bed, you computer on your lap. You had just typed in Fallen Angels into the Google search box, and were now scrolling through the results. 

It was dark outside. Very dark. The moon shone through your window, black clouds hovering over it, giving the night an uncomfortable feeling to any normal person. But you my dear reader, are not just any normal person. The creepy lighting only added to your apprehension.  You lived alone, in a small apartment, on the thirteenth floor. 

Oh yes, you are crazy. You love the supernatural, as I already said. You felt like someone was watching you, but you dismissed it as 

your normal paranoia. But, as it turned out you were right. Outside your home, invisible to you because he wanted to be, sat a Fallen Angel on a bench in the small hallway of your apartment building. His name was Vladimir  or Vlad as most people called him. Not that you knew about him.

He was careful to hide from you, but tonight, he was throwing caution to the wind. He decided to show himself to you. You, not noticing you were sleepy, eventually fell asleep, your computer still on the page about Fallen Angels. He quietly entered your room, silent footsteps echoing in his own ears. Or maybe it was the memory of a heart beat. Just because he could feel emotions didn't mean he necessarily had a beating heart to accompany him. He looked over your shoulder, at the screen and scowled. What horribly wrong information people put on the internet! Vlad would just have to teach you the correct information tonight. The thought made him smirk, in apprehension. 

He sat at a chair in the corner and waited. He knew you'd wake up any second. You were in a light sleep. He whistled, to wake you up. You jumped about five feet in the air, looking at the computer screen in your lap. The same information still lit up your screen. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, and looked around, seeing nothing. Then you heard a voice. "Sad, how you read such untrue things~" The voice was accented and male. You looked around, seeing where the voice came from. It was a voice that sent pleasant chills through every bone in your body. 

It came from the corner of your room. You didn't see anything, until your eyes focused in the darkness. You saw a figure siting in you chair. He looked at you, his red eyes blazing with amusement "Funny how you're sitting where I can't see you." You said, your voice showing no trace of the deep fear and awe you felt. 

"Funny how you're not scared of me." The voice said. Scared was not the right word to describe how you felt at that moment. It was more like terrified so much, that you'd probably go to the bathroom in your pants if anything scarier than what was happening now, happened.  You shrugged, and got up, tentatively making you way to the figure, who you'd now figured out to be a guy. A cute guy, you realized as you got close to him. He had brownish hair, along with the crimson eyes you found beautiful.  He withheld the surprise that threatened to cross his face. Instead he smirked, thinking his next move through. 

As soon as you were close enough, he pulled you by the waist onto his lap. He chuckled as you let a small squeak. "W-What are you doing?" You asked. You weren't scared, you were even more attracted to him, if that were possible. Of course, he didn't know that. "Oh so now you're scared~?" He whispered in your ear. His hot breath made you shiver. You nodded, blushing, so that he wouldn't figure out that you were actually nervous because you didn't want to seem like a total dolt in front of this really attractive guy. 

He sighed. Vlad wished you weren't afraid. "What are you? You can't be human, or I would've heard you." You said, trying not to let your voice quiver from the closeness of his lips from yours. He chuckled again. "Why don't you ask me my name first, ______." He said. "Oh, so YOU'RE the guy who's been watching me." You said, your face deadpanning, although inside, you liked that he had been watching. You just hoped he'd never watched you when you were naked or something.  

He would've turned red had he actually had a pulse. "What's your name then?" You asked, interested in him. "Vladimir. But you can call me Vlad." He said quickly. "You don't have a last name?" You asked. "I do, but I don't like it, so I don't use it." Vlad seemed comfortable, and you were curious about where he was from. You eyed him curiously. "What nationality are you? Hmm… Let me think… Um, Italian? No, that's not right… Oh! I know! You're Romanian!" You said, proud that you had guessed correctly. 

He nodded. Thank God he didn't have a pulse, otherwise he would've been even redder than his crimson eyes. Vlad rested his head on your shoulder. It made you blush enough for the both of you.  He smirked. "Would you like me to tell you what I am?"  He asked in a sultry tone. You nodded, feeling the impossible amount of heat infiltrate your cheeks. 

His smirk grew slightly. "A Fallen Angel." You almost gasped, but held it back. You eyes widened a little, until you grumbled,"Liar."  "Am not!" He said, acting like a child. You felt a smile creep onto your face. "Are to!" It went back and forth for a few minutes until you were both laughing. He got serious again, and so did you after a few minutes. "I am telling the truth, dragă[1]" He said quietly. 

You didn't say anything. "Do you have the V shaped scar on your back?" You asked in a whisper. He shook his head, smiling. "That's a myth. Besides, I've got something better." He jumped up, and ran over to the window. "Be right back fata frumoasa[2]!" Vlad yelled. "Wait! What are you-?!" You cut yourself off as he gave you a salute, and fell backwards, his arms stretched out to the sides,  to the street below. You rushed to the window. You didn't hear anyone yelling or anything. "Looking for someone, _______?" A voice said. You jumped. 

"You idiot! Why'd you do that?! You scared me half to death!" You said. You leaned out the window slightly. It was dangerous, but you didn't notice.  "Becaref-" He cut himself off, a horrified look on his face. Your eyes widened, and in slow motion, you began to  scream, and you began falling. He sighed, and rushed down, his black wings folding slightly to allow him to dive quickly. He caught you by the waist, and began flying upwards towards your window. You screamed at him, "YOU IDIOT! YOU MADE ME FALL!" You pounded your fists against his chest, angry. 

He chuckled. "But I caught you, didn't I, dragul meu[3]?" You blushed, not knowing at all what he had just said. You nodded. He sat on your window sill, and placed you on his lap, gently. The city looked beautiful from here. The lights shone like stars and there were more noises and smells than one could ever imagine. His wings were still spread out. Staring in awe, you reached out, and touched them, passing you fingers along the sleek black feathers. "Raven Wings." You murmured. He  shivered slightly, and smiled at you comment. He rested his head on you shoulder again, and you welcomed him there this time. 

"Are Fallen Angels really evil?" You asked. He shook his head. "Not all of us. I chose to become this way." He said. "Are you really a sign of death?" He shook his head again. "I wouldn't have saved you if I was." He nuzzled his head against your shoulders. Shivers racked every disk in your spine. "Why'd you chose to become this?" Vlad sighed. 

"A human. A girl. Love." He said. You nodded. "Continue." You said. "I was an Angel once, but I fell for a human female, and she held my heart in the palm of her hand. The Arch Angels saw this, and asked if I wanted to live among the humans. I said yes. They were angry, but let me go." He paused. You wondered who this girl was, and if it had been long ago. "How long has it been?" He sighed. "A while. Not centuries, but about a decade. I saw her and fell for her when she was just a child." He said. 

"Did you find her?" You asked. He nodded, and nuzzled in your shoulder a little more.  "Sunt cu ea chiar acum[4]." You sighed, a feeling of sadness slowly spreading through your body. Even though you had just met him, you felt the impossible feeling of love already blossoming in your heart. "I don't speak Romanian, Vlad." You said. He smirked, and planted a kiss on your shoulder. You shivered. 

He continued to kiss up your neck, and up your jaw. You almost sighed when his lips left your skin. He tilted your chin down to him. He whispered what he had said into your ear. You gasped. He planted a soft kiss on your lips, and you smiled. "Te iubesc." He murmured against your lips. You smiled. "I love you too."  Vlad smiled and pressed another kiss against your lips. "This must be what it feels like to fly." You thought to yourself. In Vlad's mind, he thought, "This must be what it feels like to be human." Even without a pulse, he still felt the fireworks when his lips met yours. 

[1] Dear

[2] Beautiful Girl

[3] My Dear 

[4] I'm with her right now.

[5] (If you can't guess it means) I Love You.


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